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OpenBSD 3.3 Python dumps core

Hmm. I'm wondering if there's something seriously
wrong with my system. Can anyone confirm this for

Please download:

And then run:
> python ipcheck.py

I get a core dump. This worked in OBSD 3.1. I've tried 
all python versions from packages, and I've also
built python 2.2.2 manually and tried that. It crashes

#0  0x4015bb8e in __atexit_register_cleanup ()
(gdb) where
#0  0x4015bb8e in __atexit_register_cleanup ()
#1  0x40156a12 in __smakebuf ()
#2  0x4015693b in __srefill ()
#3  0x40146e4a in fgets ()
#4  0x33f88 in tok_nextc (tok=0x16b800) at Parser/tokenizer.c:248
#5  0x34234 in PyTokenizer_Get (tok=0x16b800, p_start=0xcfbfc3a8, p_end=0xcfbfc3ac)
    at Parser/tokenizer.c:526

So what does that mean? It dumps core inside fgets..Is it
a stack overflow detected by the system, or what does
__atext_register_cleanup do? Is it supposed :) to dump
there? It's just that I'm starting to suspect something
else might be broken in my system. A bad memory chip
perhaps? Never had any problems with OBSD 3.1 though..