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Multiple networks through one VPN connection

I need to access two networks, both directly attached to my OpenBSD
firewall router.  I have a VPN running wich works to one of those
networks ( and I want to make is so that the tunnel is
used for both.

What I would like is to simply tell isakmpd about the other network, say

ID-type=                IPV4_ADDR_SUBNET
ID-type=                IPV4_ADDR_SUBNET

This approach does not appear to work; not surprisingly, I get a
duplicate tag error.  The error is the same if I go back one level to
the <Phase1-ID> tag and try adding two Remote-IDs.

I also tried simply adding a route:

# route add
writing to routing socket: No such process
add net gateway not in table

where is the inside address of the router on the remote
side, and there is currently an established VPN connection with a route
table entry for

Any other suggestions?