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Alpha DEC3000/600 (TurboChannel) Memory


I have some DIMMS from a DEC3000 model 600 (they may fit in other
TurboChannel models) that I'm willing to donate to a OpenBSD
developer.  These are 100-pin DIMMS.

I have

8 x 32MB (part# 5022388-01 A1)
8 x 8MB (part# 5021138-01 B1)

I'm not sure, but I think banks of 8 DIMMS must be filled in the
model 600.

I also have some (ancient) DECstation 5000 model 200 and 240 (MIPS)
modules.  If there is any interest, I can dig them up and be more

Please be prepared to authenticate yourself as a developer.  If no
developer is interested, I'm also willing to sell them.


Rob Urban