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altq on dmz, internet, and intranet interfaces

To All,

I have a machine that has three interfaces, one to the
public internet, one to a dmz, and another to an
internal network.

The DMZ and public internet interface are bridged and
the internal interface does nat for the internal

I have altq setup as follows:

# internet
interface xl0 bandwidth 1.5M wfq
# intranet
interface xl1 bandwidth 1M wfq
interface xl2 bandwidth .5M wfq

As near as I could determine this setup would give me
just under a T1 of relatively evenly balanced traffic
in and out, however my traffic seems to be getting
choked (which seems odd as I would think it would take
an incredible amount of bandwith to choke altq on even
a moderately powered PII machine).

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