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FYI: monitoring OpenBSD

Hi all,

I built a tool that allows active non-intrusive monitoring of
cpu-states, memory usage, interface and io statistics for OpenBSD
hosts. It allows 5 second interval measurements without noticable
performance impact, and was built with security as a main design goal.

I dubbed the package 'mon', and it consists of 3 parts:

- mon: a small daemon that performs the actual measurements. mon needs
  priviledges to access kernel mem as the interface and io probes are
  via kvm_read. mon has been kept small as a direct result of this.

- monmux: a daemon that can receive multiple mon data streams
  simultaneously. monmux stores data in rrd files and allows easy access
  to the data by providing tcp socket(s) that display the incoming data
  in human/machine readable ascii. monmux needs no specific priviledges
  besides being able to access the rrd files. monmux -- or rather:
  rrdtool -- can be cpu intensive and is best placed on a site's

- mon2web: a set of php scripts that generate pictures from the data
  gathered. Again, this uses rrdtool to do the work and may generate
  significant cpu impact as well.

The entire thing was written on i386, but it was build to work on other
architectures. I'd be must gratefull if someone could spare the time to
try that out. Constructive comments/criticism on the package is much
appreciated as well.

I setup a couple of pages with the some screenshots, source and manual
pages at http://www.xs4all.nl/~wpd/mon. 

http://www.xs4all.nl/~wpd/mon/exp1.html contains a small experiment I
did using mon to obtain the network throughput of a soekris 4512. This
page shows most of the graphs and may give you a better idea of what mon
does than all the words on the other pages.



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