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Re: bge0 timeout problems

Brandin L Claar <blc3_(_at_)_only_(_dot_)_arl_(_dot_)_psu_(_dot_)_edu> writes:

> Note that to get the 2650 to detect any useful devices on -current,
> I had to patch pchb.c to detect the CIOBX2 (vendor RCC, product
> 0x0101) and configure the additional PCI bus.  The patch is trivial
> (basically adding a case to a switch statement), but I can provide
> it if anyone is interested.

I tried upgrading my 2650 to -current, but it didn't recognize the
SCSI controller (Adaptec AIC-7899 U160), even though -stable and
-release were able to.

Does this relate to your patch?  If so, I'd be interested in a copy.

Jason R. Mastaler
LANL Advanced Computing Laboratory

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