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patch for wsconscfg manpage.

It took me hours to find out how to change the console resolution and  I
was sent from manpage to manpage. That's very un-OpenBSD-manpage like so
I wanted to suggest this patch:

Cya, Han.
--- wsconscfg.8.orig	Wed Feb 13 09:33:47 2002
+++ wsconscfg.8	Tue Aug 13 02:52:55 2002
@@ -94,21 +94,25 @@
 .Pa /etc/wscons.conf
 configuration file.
-.Cm # wsconscfg -t 80x50 -e vt100 1
+.Cm # wsfontload -h 8 -e ibm /usr/share/misc/pcvtfonts/vt220l.808
-Configure screen 1 (i.e., the second) for type
+First load an 8x8 font. See
+.Xr wsfontload 8 .
+.Cm # wsconscfg -dF 5
+Delete the configuration for screen 5 (i.e., the sixth)
+.Cm # wsconscfg -t 80x50 5
+Configure screen 5 for type
 .Dq 80x50
-and VT100 terminal emulation.
 .Dq 80x50
 is a screen type offered by the
 .Xr vga 4
-display driver.
-In this particular case, an 8x8-font must be loaded beforehand to make the
-screen useful.
-.Xr wsfontload 8 . )
+display driver.)
 .Cm # wsconscfg -k