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Re: ISDN on OpenBSD 3.1.

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, L. V. Lammert wrote:

> At 04:04 PM 7/30/02, Paul Pruett wrote:
> >just a thought -
> >
> >If going with isdn external, you could also just
> >go with a solution that has a lan connection
> >and not worry the openbsd firewall with dialing
> >burden and surge danger on the hardware from lines.
> I second the motion (use an external ISDN router).

OK. That is a shame. I was hoping I could build a single box with dual NIC
and PCI ISDN/TA. Idea being that if using an ISDN ISP with only 1 real IP
things might be better if that IP is owned by the OpenBSD box. E.g. say I
want to run IPsec from the box to another to create a VPN. That way I
don't have the standalone ISDN router/firewall to contend with (NAT etc).

I take it ISDN on OpenBSD be it with internal ISDN card/TA or external TA
it's troublesome to setup?

> >You could probably pick up an old ascend pipeline
> >on ebay or other isdn router cheap because
> >ISDN is not economical in many areas due to minute charges...
> I would NOT recommend Ascend, however, .. they're a PAIN to configure (the
> menues are completely non-intiutive). You would be far better off with
> something a Zyxel or Linksys.

Thanks for the advice!



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