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Re: new options for ifconfig

On Sunday 28 July 2002 08:36, Theo The Rat wrote:
> But, your 'ignorance' amazes me each time I
> see your replies. 

At least he's man enough to use his real name, unlike cowards like you who 
have to hide behind lame and cheap aliases.

>This seems like it would be a good patch, if just for the
> fact that it would simplify day to day writing of scripts for people.
> It would allow them to dedicate time to making other parts of their scripts
> run better.

You write this kind of script once and then reuse. If you do it any other way 
you're an idiot.

[snip drivel]
> Instea! d you take this hardline, ass---- approach to
> things, which is unfortunate.

The "hardass" (I presume that's what you ment) approach works.
This is not a democracy. Theo decides what goes and what doesn't.
If you dont like that you have the option not to use OpenBSD.

> Theo The Rat
How original and funny. Took you long to come up with that?

Lars Hansson