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X not working with wsmouse

Hello all,

first: X is working very fine now, thank you, Option NoAccel.

BUT: I have to kill wsmoused before I start X, else I get

| (EE) xf86OpenSerial: Cannot open device /dev/wsmouse0
|         Device busy.

error messages. If I do -allowMouseOpenFail, I get it even
twice, and the mouse cursor won't move.
I've installed the official (!) Jul 18 snapshot and the
official (!) Jul 13 XFree86 snapshot tarballs.

The mouse is a generic PS/2 mouse on i386, once a laptop
touchpad with two buttons and Emulate3Buttons an, starting
wsmoused with "-2", once a fairly standard three-button
wheel mouse on my desktop box, even the wheel works.
IF I end wsmoused before.

I thought we are supposed to be able to use X concurrently
with wsmoused? What's this?

More information about my system, configuration etc.
on request. I tried calling wsmoused with no parameter,
using /dev/wsmouse OR /dev/wsmouse0 in XF86Config, the
protocol _is_ correct. So it's no dummy error, I think.

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