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Re: errata_check script.

Steve Shockley (steve_(_dot_)_shockley_(_at_)_shockley_(_dot_)_net) wrote:
> > Suggestions and remarks are welcome.
> I like the idea. 


> Another possible method of doing the same thing would be to  use  wget
> (since  it  preserves  timestamps)  and  add  it  to  /etc/changelist,
> although the diffs would have HTML left in them.

I choose lynx cause it is in base.

I got a friendly e-mail from somebody else explaining  that  is  is  not
practical for everybody to use  that  script  since  not  every  OpenBSD
server is connected to the internet, but that is is nice for  a  lot  of
people cause they can't miss the updates anymore.

On the other hand, I never would have  written  this  script  if  I  had
thougth   for   two   seconds   longer   and   realized   there   is   a
security-announce mailinglist. 


I am just surprised that there is no message about this update  on  that
list. :S

Cya, Han.