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Re: KNF/source programming questions

At 03:34 PM 6/18/2002 +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>begin  electrogrammati illius Joseph C. Bender
>>1.  If working on existing kernel code and I find #define statements
>... which is still in the process of becoming KNFified, IIRC.

For clarification as to why I asked:

Right now, I'm trying my hand at cleaning up the code in sys/scsi/st.c
(thereby generating the questions, however, it's going fairly well, I hope
to submit a patch soon).  I figured I'd get used to the style (by
reformatting old code), before attempting to (re)write anything in that
style (as it's not the format I usually write in).

>Since most processor architectures have the jump or goto or branch
>command, I think they should not be forbidden at all. Surely it
>_sometimes_ makes worse code to use goto, but sometimes it helps.

Yeah, and as a fairly recent learner of "C" (1996ish), "Goto considered
harmful" had been pounded into my brain.  
Seeing gotos kinda was shocking (for someone who programs in a
function-based fashion), but I figured they might be there for a reason.
Signing off, 

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