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Re: dc1: watchdog timeout [ irq conflict ]

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 12:46:19PM -0700, ninjaz_(_at_)_webexpress_(_dot_)_com wrote:
> Unfortunately, this is a 2U rackmount system and both available expansion
> slots are filled with the video and ethernet cards.  One AGP, one
> PCI.  I also tried switching AGP from 4x to 1x to see if that would
> cause the AGP slot to be nicer, but no luck.
> At this point it's looking like connecting a 4th interface would best be
> accomplished via USB. ;)

The BIOS should have an option like "assign IRQ to VGA" - disable
that, you won't do anything performance critical with graphics on a
server, so it doesn't need an IRQ.

Ciao, Arne.

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