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spoofing non-routable IPs


  Excellent points made here. IMHO well there are always two 
sides however weak to every story. Some believe ( @ least i do)
that loopback is well to be visualized like Sun's Slogan..
"The network is the computer". Personally whatever that is 
I like to think of localhost/loopback/ or dirivatives
as my very own internal network inside each machine. You will 
as well notice that many tcp services apps use 127.0.0.? 
for various reasons depending on some sort of network even
if it is not the I. Well this_is the best I can muster wo
Caffeine. I guess what I am trying to say it is fairly common
to see apps break without access to localhost. Really don't 
see this as being a problem however but rather a feature.
It can make life somewhat interesting when you getting 
sweaty palms while having a particularly good day;-))

Best Regards,

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