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I tried to install the 3.1 i386 snapshot last night and had a serious problem with fdisk and disklabel.

I have three drives on my system:
wd0 1.6GB Western Digital - 3.0 boot drive
wd1 16GB Western Digital - 3.0 workspace
wd2 80GB Western Digital - 3.1 install drive

The installation came up fine and showed all three drives and asked my to choose the boot disk. I choose wd2. Either yes or no to use entire disk resulted in the same fate. Once I answered the use entire disk the installation would plow through fdisk and disklabel without giving me any prompts. disklabel actually errored out but the fdisk output scrolled by.

After the installation failed here 3 times I went into the shell to find out what was going on and I found that /dev/wd2* did not exist.

Please adivse.

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