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Re: Binary Updates.

Jacob Meuser wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 02:40:00PM -0700, Shawn wrote:
> >
> > Learn how to check out -stable for the 2.8 branch, and build complete
> > releases out of it (using release(8) ).
> >
> > If you can build complete fixed releases, extracting the changed parts
> > and packaging them is fairly easy.
> >
> > Do the first step, we'll help with the rest.
> >
> >
> I'm giving this a shot.  Couple things:
> 2) Would a 'tarball' containing the changed files (in the proper paths, of
>     course) be an acceptable packaging method?   I'm thinking:
>     # cd / && tar zxvf /var/bin-patch/bin-patch_001.tgz
>     But this seems kind of sloppy, just writing over the old files, and
>     wouldn't do anything if files need to be removed.  Perhaps a list of
>     files to be removed (purely removed, not changed) and a simple script
>     to read the list and do the removing?  And if there is to be a script,
>     it might as well do the tar thing eh?

IIRC, the package utilities (pkg_add, etc) have the ability to specify 
this kind of thing.  And Shawn mentioned that packaging them is 
fairly easy. 

> 3) I made 2 distributions from the same build, using DESTDIR=/home/destdir-1
>     and DESTDIR=/home/destdir-2.  I tried:
>     diff -r -u --brief /home/destdir-1 /home/destdir-2
>     and diff is reporting that every .a in destdir-1/usr/lib is different than
>     every .a in destdir-2/usr/lib.  Is there a better way to compare?  Is this
>     something with ar &| ranlib?
No, no, not comparing!  The package should change _only_ the files 
explicitly being patched, not the entire distribution.

If the update patch is for a security alert, say bind, it should only 
patch bind related files.  Progressive patch releases would incorporate 
a list of things affected.  For 2.8, the patch file would only fix:

Since these files are specifically addressed in the patch branch, it 
seems to me that you only need to compile those files, and package 
them as binary patches.

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