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I'm getting very, very fed up of all this discussion about binary updates
and stuff like that.

As Theo put it, the REASON there are NO binary updates to the OS itself
is that because NO ONE IS BUILDING THEM.

Likewise for mailing-list archives.
Likewise for a lot of things in the same area.

This is all gruntwork. Building binary packages is simple. Writing html
code is simple. Organizing mailing-list archives is simple. Writing
advisories is simple.

Note that there is absolutely nothing technical about it at the moment.

There is absolutely NO NEED to discuss it.

The OpenBSD project simply does NOT have the human resources to manage
those things.  In case you haven't noticed, most of the webpage updates,
the release builds, the package builds is handled by a very, very small
team of people (some of whom, like Aaron, are already performing well
beyond what they reasonably should).

You want to change things ? It's simple ! Just DO IT.

Doing your own release builds is easy.
Trying out a packaging format for updates is easy. IT JUST NEEDS TO BE

Just create the files, create the corresponding pages... 
if it's good, we'll use it.

It's just that apparently, a lot of people would rather TALK about it
than do anything about it...

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