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Cable Modem and DHCP

Hello, I am having a problem, hope you can help.
I recently got the cable modem service from Comcast_(_at_)_Home_(_dot_)_ I set my machine
up with 2 3Com NICs, its an old 100MHz 486DX with 40MB of memory. I
configured ep0 to use DHCP connected to the cable modem. I then configured
ep1 to an internal network address and hooked it up to my hub which 2
Windows boxes are connected to as well and I am running ipnat on the
OpenBSD box. When I am using the internet sometimes it will just not
work. So I SSH to the OpenBSD box and check it out. When I do a 'netstat
-r' it just sits there and says nothing. I try pinging a local address and
it works. I try pinging a machine on the Internet ping doesn't say
anything but I can see activity on my modem. I have been told that this is
because the address that DHCP assigned to me is getting assigned to
another machine using DHCP and it is booting me. Then once DHCP leases
another IP, I can use the Internet again. Please tell me if I am right
about that and if you can give any suggestions to fix that. Also, I don't
know if this has anything to do with that, but when my network is being
configured I get these kernel messages that say stray interrupt 7 and
stray interrupt 9.
Thanks for any suggestions that you can give.


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