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Re: Softupdates Hangs 2.8-current

On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 10:08:52AM +0100, Martin Akesson wrote:
> As someone pointed out earlier to the list this does sound like lack of
> memory.  The extreme diskactivity you see might be due to alot of
> swaping activity.  I do not know how much memory you have in your
> machine but if possible try to double it and see if it helps.

Nope, I got similar advice six months ago. At that point, I was told 
softupdates had problems with 32MB machines. Since then, I reused it
on boxes with 160MB and 128MB. I even quadrupled NKVMEM_CLUSTERS on
the same one. Same result.  If it's a memory issue, the amount of memory
current softupdates can eat when unpacking somewhat largish archives
(not that large though, considering ports) is simply completely insane.
I don't expect to have to buy 2GB of memory to get this to work...