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Re: Secure alternatives to BIND?

Philipp Buehler writes:
> reduced features

Where do you get the idea that djbdns is less powerful than BIND? Let's
try ten examples of djbdns features:

   * instant startup, with host information in a fast on-disk database;
   * automatic replication of new zones;
   * automatic construction of PTR records;
   * random selection of eight A records from a cluster of any size;
   * scheduled record changes, with TTLs handled automatically;
   * a special-purpose RBL server using 100x less space;
   * easy tracing of resolution problems with a follow-all-paths tool;
   * automatic checking for changes in resolv.conf every ten minutes;
   * automatic removal of old records whenever the cache fills up; and
   * automatic use of delegations from split-DNS internal servers.

How do I achieve these results with BIND?

I heard the same ``it must be deficient'' comments about qmail years
ago, before it became generally known how powerful qmail was. Of course,
the people making the comments never had any specific how-do-I-do-this
questions; they simply assumed that new and small and simple meant bad.