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Re: Secure alternatives to BIND?

On 12/02/2001, Kurth Bemis <kurth_(_at_)_usaexpress_(_dot_)_net> wrote Cc tech_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org:
> >
> >Do you think $500 is enough for recovery from a compromised box?
> I must of missed the bind reward.  oh wait - they didn't have one.  what i 
> saying is that the $500 reward isn't to help repair you system...its 
Yes, I know that. Getting $500 for reviewing the whole code is no
fun either.

> The djbdns code is small, with under 7000 instructions. In contrast, BIND 9 
> has nearly 100000 (not 10000) instructions.
No features, no codelines. Your point being?

Last reply to this. I am sorry to have started a holy war [again].
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