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Re: HELP! stable 2.7 hangs at irregular intervals

Le Mon Feb 12, 2001 at 04:10 -0500, 
Michael Shalayeff <mickey_(_at_)_lucifier_(_dot_)_net> disait :

> it is not a 810, it not 815 chipset either.
> the dmesg looks almost like you customized
> drivers in boot_config.
> according to the provided dmesg this machine's bios
> does not have no apm, no pci bios in it.

I think this is neither a i810/i815 problem, neither an APM problem
since I have the same trouble but with an "old" Pentium with a Triton
II chipset and no APM. Do people who have this problem patched the
kernel with mouse stability fix ? My system crashed after two days,
but it may be bad luck. The problem may be related with serial ports.

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