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Re: Three questions: Date for OBSD 2.9, SMP, and Alpha

There is a new OpenBSD release every 6 months. So 2.9
will be out in july. Not sure about SMP, or the
security risks involved with that. Anybody wish to
clarify exactly what security risks there are in SMP?

I would love to see SMP in OpenBSD, then I could get a
nice little dual celeron box. I would think that since
OpenBSD is concerned mostly with the server market,
that support for bigger machines (i.e. multi-processor
machines) But of course, with OpenBSD's reputation for
security, I wouldn't want a "feature" causing major
security problems.

Though, I have seen many interview with Theo talking
about SMP, and how he would like to see it in OpenBSD.

At least, one thing we can be happy about with
OpenBSD, is that it runs efficiently on slower i386


--- Erich <hh_(_at_)_cyberpass_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
> 2.8 is fantastic, and has some killer new features
> which I need (like
> TCFS and others).  However, there are a few things I
> know will be in
> 2.9 that I also need, like lots of CryptoCard
> support.  Is there an
> expected release date for that, or is it still in
> the stage of "we'll
> release it when it's ready?"  I'm not being
> impatient here; I would
> rather wait ten years than get something which isn't
> up to the
> ordinary OpenBSD quality standards.  I'm just
> curious.
> Also, there is a web page for OpenBSD SMP
> (www.openbsd.org/smp.html)
> but it doesn't look like it's being updated, and in
> an interview Theo
> said he didn't think OpenBSD would ever be able to
> get SMP support
> because it's too difficult to get it bug-free. 
> What's the word?  Will
> OpenBSD ever have SMP support?  Or will we have to
> use Linux in cases
> where SMP is absolutely necessary?
> Finally, if we're not going to get SMP, but we need
> more horsepower
> than a plain old i386 architecture can provide, what
> are the other
> options?  Is the Alpha port going to be revived, or
> are there some
> other architectures that are even better?
> OpenBSD rocks!
> e

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