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Re: OFFTOPIC: DNS question

> If I have the DNS ns1.aaa.com and ns2.bbb.com and register the domain
> ccc.com, I could specify
> 1)
> ns1.aaa.com
> ns2.bbb.com
This would be one way to do it.                        
> as ccc.com's nameservers, or I could create host aliases
> 2)
> ns1.ccc.com pointing to ns1.aaa.com's IP address and
> ns2.ccc.com pointing to ns2.bbb.com's IP address.
This is not so good. You must not do it with a CNAME, CNAMES should not
be on the right hand side of you zone file!       

You could point A records and get the results you desire. 

> Is there any technical advantage/disadvantage of 1) vs. 2) (for example if
> the root GTLD database becomes corrupted again)?
One big reason is that Network Solutions does not allow two different
name servers to have the same IP address. 

> BTW, is there a way to host a site at two different locations, configuring
> one site as a backup site only, so that if one site fails the other one
> automatically takes over the www/mail/ftp traffic?

Yes. There are a number of ways to do this. Your name servers must be
located in such a way as to have at least one available if a site goes
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