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if_an and bridging?

Hi all,

I'm attempting currently to get an Aironet 4800 802.11 board to act as a
bridge between wired and wireless ethernet segments (i.e. same logical IP
subnet on both).  For the record, "brconfig bridge0 add an0 add dc0 up",
with an IP set only on dc0.  We're running in iBSS mode (the only choice,
with Aironet and no AP) with Orinocco boards (firmware 6.16) as the
wireless-only stations.

This works to a certain degree, insofar as the Aironet board that's part
of the bridge will receive and repeat via radio, packets received from
wired stations destined for wireless stations.  

Unfortunately, packets transmitted in reply by wireless stations (with
wired destinations) don't appear to be received by the Aironet board (or
if they are, don't make it into the kernel very far...).

Note that the wireless stations can happily ARP for wired station

Our suspicion is that the Aironet board is dropping these reply packets
because the destination MAC addresses are not registered with it as part
of the service set.  

Meanwhile, in other news of the weird, if I just run the Aironet board and
an Orinocco board "point to point", with no bridging, the Aironet board
appears to refuse to send any packets if I run tcpdump on the an0
interface...  I see them in tcpdump, but not on the air...

Any clues?

Of course, the Orinocco boards probably work fine for bridging, but I
can't use them (at least not yet) as iBSS masters (which I need, given the
size of the planned deployment).  Argh!

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