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yp automounting and sshd

two questions here.  first off, the yp and amd implimentation.

with a generously donated script and a bit of advice, i learned that sun
auto mount maps differ from openbsd in syntax and now apparently have the
script to convert.  i attempted this and rebooted praying everything would
play nice.  my /etc/amd/master (as is the file specified in
rc.conf) reads something like this:

/home	amd.home

amd.home resides in /etc/amd/amd.home and is the reformated output of
ypcat -k auto.home (from sun format).  the lines here read in this basic

cbc2    type:=nfs;rhost:=lenti;rfs:=/export;sublink:=cbc2

if all this is correct, i assumed that on boot, amd would take this and
mount the nfs on lenti to /home/cbc2.  but it does not (i do have the 
amd temp dir created and defined in rc.conf too, by the way.  so it
is indeed starting).  in just writing this, i think the problem is in the
script.  but i do not know.  the rfs var is shown as /export but in ypcat
-k, cbc2 should be mounted from /export/M306.  if this is just a scripting
error, would there be a quick fix to get the variable $4 saved as
/export/M306 rather than /export?  or do i have other problems too?

the second one is a short one.  with sshd, when i set the ServerKeyBits to
1024, it generates a key that is greater than 1024 bits and thus makes it
so other clients can't log in due to the fact that the max key size
supported by their ssh clients is 1024.  768 bits creates a 768 bit
key.  a small problem and not important.  but it bothers me and i would
like to resolve it.

thank you

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