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post-2.8 "feature roadmap" ?

I know that this is (a) probably seen as the wrong time, and (b) many
including Theo do not appreciate the idea of "roadmaps", but...

I would very much like to actually plan and dedicate some company
resources to OpenBSD development - and this takes some planning, at
least for us. The next 4 months include the traditionally quiet period
around Xmas/New Year, where we may have time away from client sites
and so time to get OpenBSD work done.

In addition to the ongoing maintainence and auditing - which in itself
is a huge job I know - there are a number of "feature sets" that have
been mentioned in the past on various lists and while some comments
have been made, I would like to scratch some old wounds.

I know that everyone has their own pet project list (me too), but I
have tried to limit my list below to features/packages that I think
add to the basic usefulness of OpenBSD as a solid platform to use for
mission-critical (I hate that phrase) applications.

Here's my list; I have not added justification for any except
am-utils, since they will be different to everyone elses. There is
no priority order either.

1. NTP
2. AM-UTILS to replace ancient amd

In additional to revisting the RAIDframe system with some real
resource (like buying some hardware and dedicating time), my company
would be happy to contribute real time (and money when available) to
get at least some of these and others into the next release.

Peter Galbavy
Knowledge Matters Ltd