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how to increase size of routing table limit?


I am setting up a gated server running BGP on an OpenBSD 2.8 box

the problem I am having is that the memory available for the routing
table (19661k in my case) is not enough to hold the routing table from
the several full bgp routing tables that are being fed to the OpenBSD

The following URL describes the same problem, only under FreeBSD
but I followed the advice of Matt Dillon (ran 'vmstat -m') and I
discovered that I had hit the limit of the size of the routing table


My question is how can I increase the amount of memory available to the
routing table?

I looked all through the OpenBSD mailing list archives, and searched
extensively on Google and Altavista for a while now without any luck

There's nothing I can find in sysctl or in the kernel source

Any help you could provide would be most appreviated



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