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swbt ADSL and pppoe

Just installed a openbsd 2.8 current and was trying to get pppoe to work
with my ADSL modem.  However, something is not working right

Box config
2 ethernet card <rl0, dc0> rl0 = adsl modem dc0 = localnetwork

ppp.conf: login/passwd are correct
          set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command

              set device !/usr/sbin/pppoe
              set mtu 1492
              set mru 1492
              set speed sync
              disable acfcomp protocomp
              deny acfcomp
              set authname "myUsername"
              set authkey "myPassword"

did an "ifconfig rl0 up"
then "ppp pppoe"
# ppp pppoe
           Working in interactive mode
           Using interface: tun0
           ppp ON deepthought> dial
           Ppp ON deepthought>
then it just hangs out
and drops back to
        ppp ON deepthought>

it also complains about tun0 not having IPV6 support and can't multicast

Am i missing something simple? or should i just not work on things at