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bridged firewall question

Hi all,

I have a small question relating to bridged firewalls.

I'm using the 2.7 release, on an older P166 system. The network cards 
involved are a 3Com 3C905C (xl0) and a 3Com 3C509B (ep0)

I am using this machine as a transparent firewall. That is, I am doing 
filtering on the public (xl0) interface, which is bridged to the DMZ 
(ep0) interface.

Neither of these cards has an IP address assigned to it, at the 

However, I have a bit of a problem. When pinging outbound (eg, from 
the DMZ to the 'net) the firewall drops about 80% of my packets, very 
consistently. When pinging inbound to the DMZ, everything works perfectly.

Can anyone offer suggestions or ideas as to why this may be? Is it 
possible that this could be caused by bad firewall rules? Are there 
filtering issues I should be aware of when filtering on a bridge?

Thanks very much!

Josh Gardner.

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