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mutt (was Re: OpenBSD-2.7 /usr/sbin/scon -t 60)

On Sat, Jul 29, 2000 at 07:06:13AM -0700, Bill Schoolcraft wrote:
! I chose not to use an X (color) on this machine to get me back to
! the Unix roots I never had. I feel in hindsight that having all
! those colorful KDE, GNOMES's etc steals away the needed terminal
! experience from the new Unix user.

You still miss the amber terminal experience, unless you play even
more with scon to change your text colour. I use X (but not desktop
systems like GNOME); my xterm uses amber colours. :-)

! I defaulted to Pine since it's what was first exposed to and I'm
! familiar with it to a minor degree. Tried Mutt last night and would
! need a cheat sheat taped to my forearm to manage that at this point.

``First impressions last.'' I grew up on elm, and so when I switched
to mutt (which aims to be largely elm-compatible) I was okay with it.
In any case, mutt has a little bar at the top to remind you of the
commonest keystrokes, and you can always hit ``?''.

F1 shows the manual too, assuming your $TERM is correct. I usually
do it the cheap way and type ``Esc O P'' (Esc being \033, and O and P
both being uppercase), if F1 doesn't work.

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