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testers needed: msyslog final pre-release


We have the final pre-release of msyslog.
There are plenty of improvements, most
outstanding are:
* autoconf
* modules as dynamic libraries
* regex module for filtering and redirecting
* PosgreSQL module
* improved manpages
* sample development modules

The URL for download:

We'd like to hear all possible feedback.

It was tested on OpenBSD 2.7 and OpenBSD 2.6, but
should work with earlier versions. It is based on
OpenBSD's syslogd. License is BSD-like.

Possible future improvements
- timer (already on testing phase)
  useful for checking remote connections (ie. keepalives)
- UDP hash protection and sequencing for better security
  on transporting logs. I'll latter support the upcomming
  secure syslog protocol (IETF)
- tcp or ssl (avoid lost messages due to collisions or
  intrudder genereted drops)
- anomaly detection module, probably based on SQL logs
  (ie. "disk full", or root login at strange hours)
- VCR on local and remote logs (as in ssyslog, but better)

any thoughts?


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