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Re: kernel panic during 2.7 install on IBM Intellistation Z

An update, a bug, and a query...

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Monty Brandenberg wrote:

> On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Monty Brandenberg wrote:
> > An older PPro IBM box that generally works well with OBSD is giving
> > me some install problems with 2.7.  [uvm_fault...'freeing free inode']
> Verified that this is a regression in 2.7 by reinstalling 2.6
> successfully.  Noticed a few bugs concerning uvm_faults.  Anyone
> care to provide a floppy image equivalent to floppy27.fs built
> from current?

Update.  Problem seems to have been caused by dying media.  Why
2.6 would install on it while 2.7 wouldn't I don't know but
changing to another scsi or another ide drive fixed it.  Couldn't
find any diagnostic fault on the drive.

Bug.  In the july 11 snapshot, the floppy27.fs image does something
peculiar.  'help' hangs after printing 'machine:  boot ' and the
'machine memory' and 'machine diskinfo' commands don't exist.
Verified floppy contents with dd | md5.

Query.  While working on this problem, I started using com0 for
console.  While in the boot program, I found that I could send
no more than one character (via 'cu' from a Linux box) or
console would hang.  This was fine for hitting return at which
point the kernel loading would commence and once the kernel had
taken over the serial lines, input would be accepted.  Not good
for using addition boot commands.  2.6 wouldn't even go that
far.  This may just be a CTS/RTS/CD problem but I don't have a
232dinkus to test right now.  Known?

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