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wargames: >1 GB Boot Partition Support

	I think there were some people on here who aren't on mac68k. 
For those of you with a chance to look at this, please have a look 
and respond to Chris. my mac is currently occupied with builds. 


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G'day. I'm working on fixing up the tendency of the mac68k booter to not
see the kernel if it's on a partition larger than 1GB. 

I've been unable to reproduce this problem. Anyone who's interested, can 
I get you to send me outputs from 'dmesg' and 'disklabel <rootdisk>' ?
If you interested in reproducing the recipie below, let me know, and I'll
send you the utilities I used to make this happen. My SCSI chain looks
like this:

ID 0:	Internal HD - 730M Quantum Fireball	(sd0)
ID 2:	External HD - 4.2GB Sun/Seagate		(sd1)
ID 3:	NEC CDROM				(cd0)
ID 4:	Abaton Scanner				(ss0)
ID 5:	External HD - 105M Quantum Fireball	(sd2)
ID 7:	Mac SCSI Controller - Quadra700		(ncrscsi0)

Here's what I did to a 4.2GB disk.

0)	Low-level format. Note - this takes a fsckin' long time - as does the
	first fsck.

1)	Use A/UX HD Setup 3.01 to partition
	b]  128M swap 	(0 - 128M)
	a] 4200M root	(128M - *)

2)	Use MKFS 1.45 to format the slices properly

3)	Use new installer to make devices and install etc27..tgz and the
	GENERIC kernel. Get frustrated at how slow that is.

4)	Boot OpenBSD off my lowly little 105M disk

5)	Disklabel -E sd1
	* Disklabel reports there is no 'c' partition, so it created one

6)	untar all the packages off the CD. Much faster. It still takes all
	night on a 2x CDROM.

7)	halt . power off the 105M and the CDROM. The only potential BSD volume
	is the 4.2 GB disk.

8)	Attempt to boot off the 4.2GB - it works. odd.


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Chris Kuethe: System Administrator - U of A Math Dept

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