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Re: your mail

Wrong. Typically, I would support the FQDN and not permit usage of
rcmd_(_dot_)_hostname_(_at_)_realm against my machines at all! I would not need it.
Furthermore, if you aren't interested in the FQDN, don't use it and
nothing is different than the way it is now.

> On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Bob Beck wrote:
> > >it does require two keys, if you want to support both naming schemes.
> > 	
> > 	Why on earth would you want to do this for one host? it doesn't
> > make any sense. Typically you would use one or the other. 
> typically, you would use the key named rcmd_(_dot_)_hostname_(_at_)_realm_(_dot_)_
> but if you wanted to also support the proposed scheme using the FQDN of
> the host, you'd have to add a key for that instance - or replace the old
> one, at the expense of compatibility with existing krb4 implementations,
> as was noted.
> -d.
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