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Slow SprintBroadband Connection

Hello all,

I'm relatively new to OpenBSD, but I've searched the archives and found no answers.


I recently had SprintBroadband internet access installed at my home.  This is a two-way wireless 
connection that uses a Hybrid cable modem as the interface.  It is also a DHCP server which has 
one address to assign.  This results in me having a static address with no manual configuration 

I want to use OpenBSD as firewall/NAT and possibly a web server later.

When I connect with Windows 95 or 98 and use ftp to download the test files that sprint has set up to 
check your connection speed, I get around 230KBytes per second transfer rate.  That's bytes, not 

When I connect with OpenBSD the best I can get is about 15KBytes per second.

I originally started with 2 RTL8019 NICs, but after reading some of the archives have changed to 2 
3COM 3C905 NICs.  I still get the same non-performance.

The only clue I have is that the tech who installed the connection changed a registry setting:
	DefaultRcvWindow = 49152

Is there an equivalent setting for the TCP/IP stack in OpenBSD?

Any other hints?


He said that without that change I would get terrible speed performance and would eventually break 
the modem as it would be overworked.

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