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FTP & 2.7 kernel Peculiarities


I'm not entirely sure whether this is the right place to post this,
or whether this problem was encountered before, so please bear
with me.

In the process of trying to download 2.7, everything seems to
download fine, save for two files; bsd and bsd.rd which each stall
at 82% and 37% respectfully.

I have a 2.6/NAT box connected to the external net using ftp proxy,
and a Win98 box connected internally. The behavior listed above
has been duplicated on the 2.6 box using the generic ftp client,
as well as the windows box using wsftp and CoffeeCup ftp,
both using ftp.openbsd.org and its mirrors.

Does the problem lie in the nature of the bsd/bsd.rd file makeup,
or what? Or am I missing something entirely?
Assistance will be much appreciated.

R. Lotun