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Fwd: Re: Partitioning

Title: Fwd: Re: Partitioning
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 15:49:46 -0700
To: John Kerbawy <john_(_at_)_maKintosh_(_dot_)_com>
From: "William C. Allen" <allenwc_(_at_)_home_(_dot_)_com>
Subject: Re: Partitioning
Did you check the inside of the CD cover? I haven't gotten my 2.7 CD yet,
but the last one I saw had the recommended sizes in it. You did buy a CD,

Oh, ya, I bought the CD for sure!
And it has the amount of space that each mount point uses, not the recommended. However, I see from the log you pointed me to that there are sizes listed there. I missed that, hmmm, where is it? Ah,ha, found it "generic walk through" that's not very informative now is it? Perhaps it would be a good idea to add to:
the actual recommended partitioning scheme. And it would be nice to list the privileges for each partition as a whole as well . . .

Well anyway, we seem to have:
/       at 64 Megs, that seems small but . . .
/var    at 64 Megs, again that seems small, WWW, FTP and logs all go here? how big really?
/usr    at 300 Megs. seems a bit large?
/tmp    at 64 Megs, seem adequate?
/home   at remainder of HD, seems like a reasonable idea. Shouldn't we share this with /var?
/swap   at 64 megs. Shouldn't we make this equal to our RAM? Or is that legacy issues?

--??? Does that appear to be reasonable?

I'll be running a Web server, ftp server, telnet. Providing file services for a small company across the web because we rarely work at home or on our own computers.

I'll have two 2GIG HDD's, both UWSCSI's.

--??? Can I do both during the install or do I have to configure the second drive after install?

--??? What privilege should I set for each of those?

Later . . . WebBug
-I don't have 8 arms, I just wish I did-

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