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Re: booting OpenBSD from NT bootloader; Bad Magic; boot freeze

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, xo8 wrote:

> In any case, I'm able to boot OpenBSD via a third party app called
> BootMagic, but I'd really like to have OpenBSD listed in the NT bootloader

Boot Magic is ok. I never liked having to configure it in windows though.
I do like that you can choose a background BMP and icons. Just a tip... in
the 'Dangerous Creatures' theme there's a .ico file for a blowfish. That
makes a choice OpenBSD boot icon. :) Boot Magic with Partition Magic 5.0
had lots of linux-related icons but nothing appropriate or cool for a BSD.
I was too lazy to download microangelo or something and make one.

> 		not sure why I thought this would work but gave it a
> try; I think this yielded a "Bad Magic" message

I've gotten bad magic before when the bootloader in my partitions MBR
wasn't installed correctly. I'm out of my element here a bit so I don't
know where to proceed. I recall that I just repeated the steps at the end
of the install script. I think doing a man installboot will shed a little
more light on how to repeat that process. *be careful*

I've been using the ranish bootloader on my laptop since 2.4 or so. I
don't like that the A6 partition type doesn't say OpenBSD and that I can't
give my own labels for what I'm wanting to boot (like BootMagic & the OS/2
bootloader) but otherwise it kicks ass. Then again maybe I should mail
the author and ask him to list OpenBSD for A6:) It has some useful tools
for moving things around and the graphical boot interface isn't bad. Plus
it's really small and isn't dependant on a fat16/fat32 partition existing.

There is also os-bs. See your favorite mirror in /pub/2.7/tools. There's a
.doc file and an .exe. I havent used this but I recall it being a
predecessor to a commercial product that's a bootloader.

I had a coworker once who insisted on using a DOS boot floppy with fdisk
on it and would manually flag what he wanted to run as bootable. I even
tried to get him to just install ranish on a floppy and he wouldn't have
it :)

remember... if you only run Open on a machine you don't need the
bootloader :) 


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