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2.7 Install Problem (Adaptec 2940UW time out)

Hello everyone,

I've experienced a strange problem when trying to install the brand new

The box I want to install on is a SCSI config based on a 2940UW adaptec 
controller, two harddisks (IBM and Western Digital) and a NEC CD drive.

When I boot from the cd or from a boot floppy it hangs saying something 
like that :
ahc1 board isn't responding
cmd failed
SCB 0x1d - timed out in Status Phase

it worked fine with 2.6 though.

I found out that if I disable the "wide sync" for these three devices 
the adaptec bios, it can boot.

I'm just asking why it doesn't boot and if there's a way to fix it 
cleanly (and if not what is the loss of performance I can expect with 
"wide sync" disabled).

Thanks very much

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