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Re: freeze when nfs sharing mounted svnd0

Patch 7 fixed it; thanks!



 I have a cd-rom image (iso9660) that I mounted as follows:

 vnconfig svnd0 zoot-i386.iso
 mount /dev/svnd0a /cdrom

 Everything looks normal on /cdrom (just listing the contents).

 I've put /cdrom in /etc/exports.

 Next, I tried to nfs mount this from a Linux box. At this point, the
 OpenBSD machine locks up. The nfs mount never completes, and I can't
 reach the machine via ssh. Also, the X display is completely frozen;
 the mouse pointer won't move and it doesn't respond to the keyboard.

 I'm using the latest 2.7 (I ordered the disk too ;-)

 Has anyone else experienced this, or done this same setup with success?


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