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rc.conf patch

Minor patch humbly submitted hopefully to get into 2.7.

rc.conf.local is sourced after rc.conf so that values in
the system supplied rc.conf can be overridden.

If a rc.conf.local does not exist, it will not be used.

  So that I don't have to handle merging the -current
rc.conf everytime it changes, I've taken to using
the FreeBSD rc.conf.local method.
  With this, I know that rc.conf is unchanged by me and
I can track my differences easily and quickly.

  New variables will not automatically be noticed,
but then, you're going to use the default values
until you actually change them, so what's the diff.

--- rc.conf.ORIG        Sun Apr 16 11:59:53 2000
+++ rc.conf     Fri Apr 21 12:06:19 2000
@@ -80,3 +80,7 @@
 afs_device=/dev/xfs0           # Device used by afsd
 afsd_flags=-z                  # Flags passed to afsd
 shlib_dirs=                    # extra directories for ldconfig
+# check this last to override default values
+[ -f $local_rcconf ] && . $local_rcconf