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Log server


I just installed a obsd 2.6 box which will be used to get all the logs
from my various linux (sic) boxes using remote syslogd (and ipf so
others can't full my server of logs I don't care about).
Apparently there is a syslog-ng out which looks much better than the
usual syslogd and I was wondering if obsd developers took a look at it
or if you would advice me to keep the basic syslog which is sent with

Also I'd like to have the syslog on the obsd to separate log not only by
level but by server which mean I'd like to have as many log files as
server like server1.log server2.log etc. Anyone knows how to do that ?
(I did see a patch for normal syslog in jan99 but the url isn't good


Fabien Penso