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RE: How little memory do I need?

>> If you let the OS try to determine things to kill you're going to have 
>> unexpected
>> and possibly disastrous consequences: think about the OS killing some
>> "weighty" process which was vital to the upkeep of data that a machine
>> processes, with a higher weighted process that didn't get killed, now
>> incomplete data because the OS's heuristic killed the wrong process.

>1) it won't kill wrong process, if you assign it according weight, just
>   nice...

I would think that it could be very hard to always know what conditions
would lead up to the out of memory/resource. Kill the process with the most
requests in the last time period? You get the web server while the process
with the slow leak over the last two months continues to run. 

I think you would need to hang requesting processes and allow the
administrator to make the call. Provisions would have to be made to allow a
process to handle the task if the administrator wanted to automate the the
handling of the condition.