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Re: Need testers

As somebody else said, split it in halt. Also, from my previous experience
(trying to make a driver to use VESA modems in Pascal -- 1991) forget
about VESA. You would have to make the program driver dependent. A good
working program is SuperText [Linux] (which is basing most of its ideas
from a old Pascal program TextMode).

Good luck
On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Federico G. Schwindt wrote:

> > I've gotten a couple dozen responses and only one person's video
> card was > supported. I think it's safe to remove the 132-column
> feature for the time > being. No one has complained that it doesn't
> work. Perhaps it will be back > in the future when either many parts
> of PCVT are rewritten or a whole new > driver shows up. > > I'm trying
> to shrink PCVT, remove the useless features, etc. It's just too > darn
> big for what it is (this card-dependent code for 132 columns makes >
> up at least 15k of the driver which in total is over 100k). And it
> helps > the install process, where it will remain at one precious
> floppy.