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Re: Need testers

> I've gotten a couple dozen responses and only one person's video card was
> supported. I think it's safe to remove the 132-column feature for the time
> being. No one has complained that it doesn't work. Perhaps it will be back
> in the future when either many parts of PCVT are rewritten or a whole new
> driver shows up.
> I'm trying to shrink PCVT, remove the useless features, etc. It's just too
> darn big for what it is (this card-dependent code for 132 columns makes
> up at least 15k of the driver which in total is over 100k). And it helps
> the install process, where it will remain at one precious floppy.

  Shrinking pcvt its ok, but I disagree to remove the 132 column mode.
  We could split the code into another file, and enabling/disabling it
depending of some option, but removing it does sound good to me.
  Ok, my dead box didnt support 132 mode, but I know a few ppl using it
and found it very good, specially for programming.
  Of course, others can disagree with me =)


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