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OpenBSD 2.5 kernel issue

Woke up to a kernel crash...
Nov 16 06:40:01 binary /bsd: panic: pipeinit: cannot allocate pipe -- out
of kvm
 -- code = 3

Some info:
x86 w/512 mb ram
uname -a:
OpenBSD binary 2.5 BINARY#4 i386

I searched the mailing list archives for tech, didn't see anything..

THe only change i've recently made is adding the following to my kernel
config file:
option          MAX_KMAP=120
option          MAX_KMAPENT=6000
option          NKMEMCLUSTERS=8192

This was to fix a vm_map problem that was causing me kernel crashes..

The machine runs a good load of about 15-20 users logged in, and ~250
processes and 9% cpu running.. if that makes any difference

If anyone has any hints, please let me know because these crashes are
killing me ;)

Thanks in advance,

Pete Fritchman             petef_(_at_)_databits_(_dot_)_net
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