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OBSD/pmax 2.6-Beta snapshot report


Sorry for the late post - but I had (and still have - for details see
related post) HW trouble with my pmax...

In short - I tried the 2.6-pmax snapshot of 13/14 Oct and it installed on
my 5000/133 with just one warning/error (which seems to have caused no
effect - but I *did* try to rectify the problem manually). The error
appears towards the end of the install script:

Copying resolv.conf...done.
Installing timezone link...done.
./install[531]: md_copy_kernel: not found
Installing boot block...done.
creating runtime link editor cache...done.

(this was handcopied from the screen so there is potential for errors).
Just to be on the safe side I check for the existence of /bsd and manually

disklabel -W rz0
disklabel -B rz0

and the system rebooted w/o any problems.

Hope this helps,