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Re: New to OpenBSD

It appears like booting in single user mode.
    I've tried booting to single user mode as well as regular boot.
Are you booting from hard disk ? removed floppy and cd ?
    I'm booting from a HD, there is no floppy or CD.
What's the message that appears before entering single user mode (#
prompt) ?
    Aside from about 2 screens full of junk during boot that I don't
know how to capture, I get "Enter path to   sh, or (enter) for sh:
Are you seeing error messages ?
    Just something about "/ was not unmounted correctly, run fsck"
Are you putting some flags at boot> prompt ?
    I never get a boot prompt
Did you create the filesystems to /usr and /var ? Was they created
correctly, without errors
like 'for xxx cylinders you need a minimum of xxx sectors ... etc'
    Yes, they were created with no errors.

Type, at # prompt :

mount /
mount -a
    I'll try this when I get home.

and check results

Send the /etc/fstab contents, boot messages, fdisk and disklabel output.

    How do I capture boot messages?


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