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RE: Again and again...

I get this whenever I am booting without my network dongle attached.  Even
if you are not connected, you need the dongle in the pcmcia card or it
generates a minor hardward failure.  I always just ignore it, it chews for
a while, then gives up gracefully, after which I have no further problems.


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Thanks to Theo and Niklas for the info...I succeeded to boot by disabling
isadma0 (I will try applying niklas' patch later) but I got into new

The Acer laptop uses a Xircom 10/100 Ethernet Card, model CE3B-100BTX
 (which works under the Windows98 that was preinstalled) and is
recognised by the OpenBSD disk as xe0 but then, when I set a mode or try
to use it, kernel sends a msg "xe0: device timeout". Anyone knows the
reason of this behaviour?

James WorK, jwk_(_at_)_lords_(_dot_)_com
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